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About Charity Run Malta

Our purpose is to help You stay motivated exercising and to give back to the community.

The Charity Run Malta formula:

1. Our challenges are to motivate you to keep fit.

2. Your contribution covers the setup costs and all extras go to those in need.

3. We keep nothing.


Hello, I'm Tamas Banyai, the creator of Charity Run Malta. I've been living in Malta since 2014 and I'm grateful for the opportunities these islands offer for running, hiking and walking. Charity Run Malta is a project to serve as a platform for helping people motivated moving through fun challenges, whilst also using the power of this community to contribute to important social causes in Malta. Our first challenge was the 219km Malta Circle Challenge inspired by the 219km perimeter of the island of Malta. Over 200 participants joined and contributed to raise 2,540 EUR for the Inspire Foundation. We keep going and will support different charity partners through different challenges. Contributions from participants are purely to cover technical, logistics and production costs, no service charges are applied, no other salaries are paid, no profits are made. If you can afford it, I encourage you to participate through the Kindhearted or Generous contribution options which provide possibility to give support to our Charity partner of the event. If you wish to collaborate in any way to help people stay fit, wish to donate more through our challenges, need support for your organization with such an event or simply want to make the world a better place together, reach out to me on Thank you.

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