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We are the home of the
219km Malta Circle Challenge!

Run/Walk/Cycle/Swim wherever, we sync with your tracker


Get our unique medal

Limited edition

Break up the 219 km distance as you like

Complete it until 15 August


Get a chance to

win a Garmin

2x Venu Sq Music

Why 219km? It's the perimeter of Malta :)

Supported by                  



You have missed this one, registrations are closed.

We'd love to see you on our next challenge though.

Please sign up to be the first to know when details are available.

Break up the distance as you like

You can run/walk/cycle/swim at your own pace, wherever, whenever you want.

No emails, no manual uploading of files. We sync with your running/fitness tracker automatically.


How it works

You just keep moving

Our gifts to You

The prizes for the Mind

Your gift to others

The prize for the Heart

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